The company BAGTOBAG IKE was founded in Greece in 2008 and is engaged in the field of women's and men's fashion (clothing and footwear) with its main product being the manufacture and sale of bags which are manufactured in its own factory under a registered brand.

The main pillars that form the basis of the company's activities include:
1) Bag, accessory and clothing retail (B2C).
2) Wholesale bag, accessories and clothing (B2B).

The company develops its activity in Greece as well as in 6 other countries abroad, through a franchise system or resale of products in local stores, offering mainly women's bags, accessories and clothing-footwear both through retail and through wholesale.

More specifically, BAGTOBAG has a presence in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, North Macedonia and now also in Hungary, where it has acquired the rights to represent BAGTOBAG in these countries.

The company has achieved significant results through franchise systems abroad, contributing decisively to its profitability and positive growth. 

It has a wide range of designs that it offers in bag codes, covering both the variety of designs and colors throughout Greece, with a number that exceeds 35,000.

In addition to the online store that receives thousands of visits every day, the company has central sales points (wholesale and retail) in Athens (3500 square meters) and Thessaloniki (1800 square meters).

The company has more than 40 service points throughout Greece. Through these points, the company provides quality and innovative designs that meet the needs of every customer, at every moment of the day.

In addition, the company continues to innovate and constantly offers new and more modern as well as quality products.

As a company specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of bags, BAGTOBAG attaches great importance to its human resources, which now number more than 35 people, and are the central core of the company's operation.

Timeline Company:

2008: The company is established in Greece.

2012: the company made its first but at the same time very important agreement for the first 5 years, (which it renewed in 2017 for the next 10 years (i.e. until 2027)), where a contract was signed Franchise with a great and experienced business team of investors in Sofia (Capital of Bulgaria).

2014: Η Bagtobag operates in Albania.

2017: Η Bagtobag expands its activity in Cyprus as well

2018: Η Bagtobag starts its operation in Serbia and Skopje with Franschise stores.

2019: In addition, the BAGTOBAG company took an important step towards internationalization in 2019, with the acquisition of a company in Bulgaria, which is one of the leading online stores in Bulgaria mainly in the fashion sector.

2020: At the same time, the acquisition of a well-known company in Romania by BAGTOBAG in 2020, allows the company to expand its activity in the Romanian market and to be active in the trade sector in this country as well, creating new openings in new markets.


"The continuous development and innovation of our products and services are strategic priorities for us. We ensure
our high quality through creating innovative solutions and practices to serve customers and stakeholders, closely monitoring
international trends and developments".